Dr Judy Mikovits Tells it like it is… The Hidden Agenda behind Covid 19

Watch & Learn what happens when you do tell it like it is, shameful They took down the tell all, but that's ok, Watch this instead and you will get what they are trying to silence! https://youtu.be/O6g2HBm9qKQ Another Copy is up! 👍 https://youtu.be/IsuCa6V7prg https://youtu.be/nFPeN17PVU8

Ever hear of the G20, Agenda 21, One World Order?

Well, IF you haven't you're about to! Why else do they drive fear? That's right, CONtrol. They have been dividing Nation's & People for years! This Coronavirus is the Perfect way to take down the United States we know as the Driver of the free World. All of this started when Donald Trump said enough … Continue reading Ever hear of the G20, Agenda 21, One World Order?

Where’s OUR Sheriff in Richland County Ohio on this?

Will Richland County Sheriff Steve Sheldon go publicly on the record, or CONtinue to stay Electorally safe by letting his minions speak for him? https://youtu.be/tikAt3fY8cs God Bless this North Carolina Sheriff for speaking up, Thank you!