Tim Wert seen at Walmart parking in handicap spot.

Yes, this man and ex-Richland County Commissioner was seen walking without trouble to to his White Kia Soul parked right outside the doors on the grocery side of Walmart.

One can only assume he faked injury that stems from the below County Public Meeting where his goon with a gun Tim Norris also faked being injured by Mike Skidmore. Yes, I witnessed this event (seen fleeing) for the door as nobleman Tim Wert ducks and hides under the table. Too funny, Drew Tyler, his pal never mentions the Commissioner for being a coward, just those who were REAL witnesses never called to testify on the belief of conspiracy theory we would perjure ourselves? Wow! That’s far reaching isn’t it? None the less, watch for yourself as we should call for an investigation into Mr Werts sudden disability, hmmm?

Yes, I stood there long enough to see Mr Skidmore in no way caused the injuries they said sustained to Mr Norris in the Skidmore trial, matter of fact I think there should be a re-trial based on sham legal process as depicted by Ohio Revised Code. I also call out there being an investigation into this public figures injury, and if it was caused by this incident everyone there is due the same. Say you?

More on this incident here…


7 thoughts on “Tim Wert seen at Walmart parking in handicap spot.

  1. This is where the Drew Tyler gang shops! I have seen at least 3 so far from that incident at this store. Tim Norris and Dave Leitenberger are the other 2 I have seen.


  2. So you admit you ran like a scared little bitch for the door and you want to condemn this dude because he ducked and hid under a table when bullets were flying? Let’s not forget, even Skidmarks own attorneys didn’t want to call you to testify because they know how much of a liar and fraud you are. They were scared that you would not only commit perjury but that you would come across as the baffoon and nutjob that everyone has known you to be for soooooo long. And while I rarely shop at Wal-Mart, I am a frequent customer at Sams Club. But see, ole Philly can’t even afford Wal-Mart and does most of his shopping at either Dollar General, Family Dollar or the Dollar Tree bwhahahahahahahahaahhahhahahahahahahahha


  3. Skidmores Attorneys were just paid off whores you’ll never hear from again after ripping off the poor guy. Yes, there were many not called to the stand including commissioners who were left out to assure they didn’t perjure themselves. What was priceless was bringing in witnesses who weren’t there, but were brought in on the conspiracy theory Mr Skidmore planned this? Well, they sure didn’t prove that bwahahahaha. You’re cookoo for cocopuffs


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