Facebook to focus on Hate agents, and those who associate with them.

Oh Oh, not looking good for pages like Mansfielder’s Perspective Unsensored. Be careful if you like this page, you may get labeled as an associate of hate vs one who sits around watching and laughing at this poor soul that calls themselves Drew Tyler.

More here!

What’s ALL the hate stem from? You guessed it! It stems from calling out crooked Politicians and their lie spreading media in the REAL Mansfielder’s Perspective Group, you know…where Drew Tyler claims they were censored even though they’ve never been a member lol! It’s like saying their favorite store sells inferior products and worthless warranties even though they have never bought anything there! Sounds like a shit stirring troll to me, may explain why they use a fictitious Facebook account to post their crap while claiming they are a success?

Tick tick tick, you may want to disassociate with people of hate and start hanging with groups of truth, you know, those they hate. #MAGA, they even hate the Best President in our lifetime, Donald Trump, landslide 2020.

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