Joe Biden Promises cure for Cancer?

Wow! This Democrat is gonna have his hands full, first you need to know what causes cancer. Dr’s say they don’t know, but they are getting better at how to fight it.

What they are saying in the Mansfielder’s Perspective Group on Facebook. Not so fast pal, start playing God you lose all credibility, like this groups hater who also thinks they are God lol! I can’t wait for this battle of God’s, there’s your Cancer, there can only be one God, and they’re not it! πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

Biden & Drew are both Delusional, only God can cure cancer!

3 thoughts on “Joe Biden Promises cure for Cancer?

  1. Sorry ole girl, nobody is censored on my page, unlike yours. they already have a cure for cancer, but they ain’t gonna tell you. Not until after that poor alcoholic crackwhore is worm food bwhahhahahahahahahahahahhahaha


    1. They do have cures for cancer dummy, they do it every day. I have witnessed it, but you are right about one cancer, your kind, you know the very scum of the Earth that Trump seeks to destroy. Tick tick tick – Don’t ponder this too long, you don’t have much time left. Enjoy! πŸ‘


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