Auto theft on the rise in Mansfield Ohio.

That’s funny, last year crime was the lowest it’s been in a decade? Drew Tyler of Mansfield is right, nothing’s gonna change as long as this successful business owner lives here lol! Copy & Paste dying on the vine I don’t think so! Mansfield needs a reminder how quickly things here never change, especially with the Drew Tyler gang living here!

Now that’s Bwahahahaha!

Click on Photo to read more on the Richland Source, no way I want Drew claiming I steal their material lol! The truth is sometimes the news needs shared and saved for future reminders…

Like the one below, crime was at an all time low last year and this blog was dying on the vine? Well, the MP is still here, going no where unless Drew Tyler can once and for all prove how Mansfield benefits from them moving here from Westerville, another town chocked with corruption, hmmm?

Drew Tyler is right, NOTHING will change as long as there’s fake Facebook profiles like there’s allowed to share fake news like local media. Thank God for We The People willing to call out these fakes & frauds, tick tick tick – you can find more just like this if you search Tell It Like it is, you’ll find it!

One thought on “Auto theft on the rise in Mansfield Ohio.

  1. My name is Drew Tyler the cross dresser, daddy used to take me upstairs to teach me a lesson. Now I am God and nobody can stop me bwahahahaha.


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