Rape & DV top the list of Indictments?

If you are just as compelled to read the story you will actually find, as usual, drugs topping the list. Matter of fact, 29 times vs Rape (1) and DV (5).

Click on photo for link to story, if it don’t load use this link.

I guess it depends on your Perspective of what “top” means?

3 thoughts on “Rape & DV top the list of Indictments?

  1. Well, if this headline started by the Prosecutors office we know why it’s not true!
    Remember, it was the Prosecutors office that said Mike Skidmore was told to leave a 2015 public meeting before their armed thugs attacked him. Yes, it’s how they justify harassment in Richland County, perpetrate a lie in the news lol!


  2. Wow, and this is what you think people need to read? more cut and paste on this soon to die on the vine jokesite as well. How many of your friends are on here ole Pussy Phil bwhahahahha


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