Ohio’s Front License Plates are going away, what’s YOUR Perspective?

Change is good?

Click on Photo for more on Richland Source Site.

What MPD says about it! Simply sounds like they will have to change policing tactics, also known as stalking, sounds like Drew Tyler? 🤔

One things for sure, If a cop turns around are you getting pulled over or are you just being considered a suspect? Interesting!

What I found interesting hidden in this article is the gas tax going into affect next month and additional revenue in 2020 and 2021 for each County. The question is, what will the Counties use this money for? Especially Richland County!

What do you think, how will the money be used?

More on what they are saying here on the Richland Source about these things.

2 thoughts on “Ohio’s Front License Plates are going away, what’s YOUR Perspective?

  1. So you think if a police officer runs your license plate it is “stalking?” Is everything people do considered “stalking” to you lol. Just remember this, you don’t own the license plates that are on your pedo car, the State of Ohio does. So if the police wanna run your tags, not a damn thing you can do about it, except come on here and cry and whine bwhahahahahahahaa


    1. Yes, we do own our plates, we pay for them. If the State wants to own them they can pay for them. As far as the many pedophile cops and stalkers like yourself who follow women and children around known for abusing the LEADS system. Yes, thus is why the pusillanimous like yourself has to hide behind a keyboard knowing otherwise you would get your ass beat. Tick Tick Tick, that day may be coming sooner than you think bwahahahhaha.


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