The Worm has turned, by Scott Kyler!

by Scott Kyler
As an answer to the query I introduced in my article “Now Let’s See Who Has The Killer Instinct”, President Trump has recently stated several times that the Deep State’s attempt at a Coup to Take Down President Donald Trump, the American people, and, the American system of government is TREASONOUS. Just what I said in my article. Apparently, President Trump seems to HAVE the “Killer Instinct”. At least, let us hope so. And remember, the payment for TREASON is still the death penalty.
To add to this happy, surreal “turning of the worm”, Attorney General William Barr has clearly stated that he believes SPYING by arms of the government was actually done on the Trump Administration. This statement, especially, by Attorney General Barr has thrown the Deep State into a tailspin of comical panic. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that Attorney General Barr has “gone off the rails”. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer was furious over AG Barr’s pronouncement during a Senate hearing on Wednesday, demanding of Barr that he “retract his statement immediately”.
Obviously, the rats on the sinking Deep State ship of Treason are going spastic and hysterical with fear. This is the first time the Deep State has been flipped onto the defensive, has not easily gotten their way in everything, for, seemingly, multiple decades. This is truly the Time for exercising our “Killer Extinct” by keeping the Patriot Pressure on President Trump, Attorney General Barr, Devin Nunes, etc., to CONTINUE with the investigations, the criminal referrals and the indictments. This pressure and encouragement MUST be continued to be applied until EVERY last vermin of the Satanic Deep State is arrested, brought down, and The Swamp finally completely drained. May Justice finally be served!
Now’s the Time to speak-up, get vocal and start “pushing back” in the political, public and social arenas. Let’s put the Demonic Deep State and all its minions on the run as we begin to take-back our beloved America. What Prophetic Times these are.
Here are a few links to some good, appropriate articles and videos. Enjoy!

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