Is FREE SPEECH under attack in Mansfield?

I assure you some believe so, lets take a look shall we? This really happened!

Its under attack in Mansfield, dont you DARE call out corrupt politicians or try to protest without a “permit”.
Mansfield City Safety Director advised we needed a permit to Protest the shooting of an unarmed man, Brian Garber.
Who were they protecting by making claims and attempting to deter free speech? The permit oddly enough was not needed for a protest, the one they referenced depicted the permit was for a parade, not folks legally protesting!
Oddly enough the Mike Skidmore incident was considered a protest when a court employee said peaceful protest my ass shortly after silencing the assertive citizen telling commissioners how a public meeting is held.

Yes I know it sounds hard to believe so here I share the permit Mansfield says is “required” to peacefully protest downtown, keep in mind a legal protest needs to permit if you are not blocking sidewalks or roadways. This was simply an attempt to stop freedom of speech & expression. A clear violation of the United States Constitution. Sadly today what Attorney would fight for you on this without bilking you out of hard earned money?

Theres a differing perspective and CONfusion on what constitutes free speech. Oddly enough the tyrants spokesman Drew Tyler believes what they are doing is free speech when in reality its a hate for it and the same tactics many are facing in this youtube above. Its clear this anonymous Drew Tyler character does not believe in free speech or they wouldnt fear going public with it? Instead they use a fake facebook account to manage a hate page on facebook called Mansfielders Perspective unsensored (spelling) a clear giveaway they are not as bright as they portray!

Next there was this July 15th 2015 meeting with County Commissioners that went bad after a court employee came into our meeting to squash once again a mans ability to speak and record a meeting in which officials attempted to call executive session to keep citizens with questions off the record. Yes, these meetings are recorded and made of public record with minutes of meetings recorded on the County website. Why do they not want citizens holding them accountable on the record is the question that remains. Mike Skidmore seen in the following meeting being met with force is currently serving a 16 month sentence in prison for defending himself, others, and his personal property. The clock is currently ticking on his appeal and right to defend himself in this situation not initiated by him. Marylin John was the first initiator or accomplice of the crime, then there was the court employee Tim Norris as you see here not instructing Mr Skidmore to leave as earlier depicted in their lies shared by local media. Watch the entire video, you decide whether it was lawful for Mr Norris to lay hands on Mr Skidmore without just cause? Yes, Skidmore I believe as a witness and another independent reporter Skidmore had every right to defend himself under these conditions. If not, as a Country we are in SERIOUS trouble! Mr Skismore was a Marine and 30yr retired public employee who certainly knows the difference between right and wrong, the difference here depends on your understanding of law & rights. Lets take another look here shall we?

Pay close attention to the BLAME put on citizens by former Commissioner Gary Utt seen sitting here in the light blue shirt advise after the incident to the old guy Randy Shepherd who didnt move during the whole fiasco claiming its people like this who caused this mess?

Yes, no free speech in Richland County. The good news is the public responded by voting out 2 of the 3 commissioners, their hand picked Prosecutor Bambi Couch Page who’s office declared Skidmore was told to leave was also voted out. Then Matt Mayer another combative court employee seen in one of Mr Skidmores videos that exposes their hate for recording public records requests a month earlier than this incident also lost his bid for Sheriff.

In HONOR of free speech I advise the MP is going no where and will continue to be a watchful eye on local politics, corruption, and media misinformation that these Drew Tylers hate.

Join us on facebook, the closest to the truth you will find. Compare the Original Mansfielders Perspective to the copycat, here you can decide for yourself who’s dying on the vine. Truth vs Hate, thats the bottom line and difference to free speech as protected by the Constitution of the United States.

Yours truly, philly as depicted by Drew Tyler trying to avoid charges of stalking, harassment, and spreading of misinformation to defame the MP.

Comment anonymously or use facebook login, your choice how you comnent. All I ask is keep it real!

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